The sun, the ultimate source of energy.

Clean, infinite, easily accessible and here to power your business.

Current escalating electricity prices and load shedding are unnecessarily compromising the consistency and success of your business. Enie’s solar lease solution unleashes the power of the sun. You become more independent from the grid while creating a cleaner, more sustainable world. It’s possible. Curious about what we do? Watch our video on Ontbytsake, Kynet

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Solar Lease

Enjoy the benefits of Solar Energy without investing.

Investing in Solar PV and storage systems can be capital intensive. With our Solar Lease solution, you enjoy the full benefits of solar energy without capital outlay. After 10 years, the solar energy system is yours.

With rising electricity prices, a Solar Lease agreement gives you peace of mind with fixed monthly instalments adjusted for inflation. You offer your roof, and we oversee the finance, installation, maintenance, and performance.

Enie South Africa features on Ontbytsake, Kyknet

Watch the Enie team combine their sustainability goals with their clients’.

We have created different solutions for various businesses to help save on electricity costs, ease the risk of load shedding and decrease their carbon footprint. We focus on successfully building long term relationships with the needs of our clients in mind. Together we can help move their businesses forward.

How does the Solar Lease work?


Within three days we will contact you to discuss your requests and possibilities and schedule a consultation.


The first consultation takes place online. Hassle-free, no obligation, and easy to schedule.


After signing the contract, our experienced engineers will take care of the installation of your new solar energy system.


Now you can generate energy utilising your own green, secure, and trustworthy solar energy system. All at a competitive price.


How many people are in your household?

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* Monthly amounts are indicative and can differ from actual electricity costs

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We have a bright future ahead of us

We want everyone in South Africa to harness the energy of the sun, even businesses unable to invest or have no suitable roof available. We fight climate change by going the extra mile for you.

South Africa has already been experiencing heatwaves, dry spells, fires, heavy rainfall, and droughts. The science is irrefutable, the African continent will be hit the hardest by climate change.

Your solar energy, our commitment

The energy transition is unstoppable. The world is moving rapidly towards a decentralized, independent energy system. With energy generation currently dominated by coal, South Africa needs to catch up, especially with renewable energy alternatives being cheaper and more accessible than ever before.

We already converted 15.000 customers to solar energy. As a business, you no longer need to wait to join the clean energy transition. Solar energy access to all, it’s possible.

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